About The Teacher

My name is Evan Ives, I am a PGA Class A Professional certified in Instruction. I was elected to PGA Membership in January of 2010 and have worked at some of the finest golf courses and country clubs in the United States in numerous positions. For the last year I have worked at an upscale private club in Wake Forest, North Carolina as an Assistant Golf Professional. I have been able to really get into the teaching side of the golf business while at Hasentree. I have taught all ages and all abilities over the past year and have helped my students lower their scores and enjoy the game.

I attended the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and graduated with a B.S. in Recreation and Sport Management. The program I was attending school for was called the PGA Golf Management program. It is a 4+ year program that teaches different areas of operating a golf course and guides the student towards PGA membership upon graduation.

In addition to my education and work experience I spent a full year playing as a professional on mini-tours while traveling around the country. This experience really gave me a great insight into how to play the game at a very high level, which has helped me in my teaching.

My goal with these blogs is to provide people with information on how to improve their golf game and ultimately enjoy the game of golf. I currently have pages on this blog that cover golf lessons, golf club reviews, golf course reviews, my swing and bio. Thanks for reading and happy golfing!